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Do you need your products, merchandise or business photographed?

In partnership with Bend Product Photography, we shoot crisp, clean, sharp photos of your products on a pure white (255) background.  Product images are professionally photographed and edited right here at Cascade Graphics by our experienced staff. Product photos are edited, enhanced and we also balance all the colors. Also, we remove all distracting artifacts such as dust and basic defects. Most product photo shoots are delivered 2-3 days after receipt of products.

Commercial photography services for photographing business environments, assembly processes and production lines are also available.

Product Photography Info & Specifications

What equipment do we use to photography your products?

We photograph your merchandise with professional grade Canon cameras and high quality glass lenses. Most product photos are taken and processed onsite at Cascade Graphics.

What size photos do you need?

For web sites and social media, sizing your product images correctly is incredibly important. If your product photos are too large, it will slow down your web site. Which, in turn, will lower your Google SEO Rating. Too small of a merchandise photo and the quality of the rendered image will suffer. This is a subject that requires great finesse and is a bit of a moving target.. For example, web site image sizes versus social media image sizes can be quite different from one another. Having a ‘Master Image’ (JPEG or PNG) and exporting the exact size and aspect ratio is generally considered best practice. We would be happy to discuss, in detail, and determine your current needs, as well as your future needs, give us a call.

We provide high resolution JPEG images at 240 DPI. Also, most product photos are rendered on a pure white background. Images with a grounding shadows or reflections are available upon request.

Transparent background images (PNG) can also be ordered.. This enables you to blend your product images with the  background of your choice.


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