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Innovative Printing Solutions

Not sure if your product can be customized or printed on? Let us try it out! We have an experienced team ready to help with your next project. View our latest corporate printing projects for Monster Products.


Aircraft Panel Printing Specialists

Printing Aviation Panels Since 1979


Grand Format Printing

A better, faster and more economical printing solution.
Delivering higher image quality on a wider range
of supported substrates.

Do You Need Graphic Art Design?

Our Graphic Arts Design Team is ready to take your idea to the next level. We offer fast and super affordable Graphic Art Design services. Our team uses Adobe Creative Cloud. The top choice for professional designers and art design organizations.

As Central Oregon’s oldest Graphic Design and Print Company, we are a well established and trusted resource, located in the heart of Bend, Oregon

    • Have your own design ? We can assist you in preparing it for print.
    • Need an art design assist? Let us bring your design to completion.
    • We offer many levels of graphic design & prep services.
    • No Art Design project too small or large.
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Prototyping  – Packaging Design – Concept Design ?

The wonderful world of Prototyping brings with it amazing opportunities and Cascade Graphics has the expertise and the equipment necessary to bring your Prototype to life.

Need a professional looking ‘product box’ or special packaging to meet your criteria but haven’t yet manufactured it?  We will complete and produce a ‘One-Off’ of your conceptual design and bring it to life. Thus, allowing you to review your concept and make any necessary changes to ensure that it fits your needs, thereby, saving you money and time. We have the necessary equipment required to cut, CNC Route, crease and drill to make the most complicated packaging.

We Work with Countless Substrates; Acrylic, Card Stock , Cardboard, Plastic, Sintra Panels, ePanel

    • Rigid Packaging Prototype
    • Specialty Box Prototyping
    • Card Stock Box Design
    • Fully Print Box & Design
    • Prototyping Templates & Concept Design Available
    • No Art Design project too small or large.