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Screen Printing is the preferred method for printing aviation and aerospace panels, parts and products. Screen Printing is very durable, reliable and long lasting. We print with Nazdar Inks utilizing special adhesion promoters to ensure the quality and robustness that our customers demand. We also conform to Fed-Std-595B Specification by utilizing ENTHONE 50- Series inks for printing to ceramic coated aerospace and aviation panels and other products.


We also offer powder coating services.  So, if you choose to, we can handle all the paint, powder coating and printing for you.

For the absolute best results it is highly recommended to ‘bead-blast’ your aircraft dashboard and parts prior to powder coating, regardless of its condition. This is the only true way to prepare your panel for an unblemished powder coat application.


The entire aircraft panel printing process, from film handling, dash lettering layout and the ink application are all performed by hand, by a highly experienced pressman with years of experience. Technical Experience is an absolute necessity, we only get one shot at a proper application of the Nazdar Ink.


Dash Panel layouts are usually generated from either the original CAD file or an Adobe Illustrator file. It’s from this file that we generate the text copy for your aircraft, aerospace, or helicopter panel assembly and or related parts. An art proof is generated and sent to you for your approval. The job is processed and completed in 10 to 14 days once the artwork is fully approved.

Screen Printed Aircraft Panels

Industrial Use – Screen Printed Panels

Ploycarbonate Prints Bend Oregon

Pressure Sensitive Panels

Reverse printing to Polycarbonate Sheets (a durable and flexible material, aka Lexan), then printing white to dictate transparent and opaque areas, finish cut to any die line, and finally, apply adhesive for installation.